Briefly on portraits and PAINTINGS

I’m in the middle of a commission right now and have had an epiphany -not really an epiphany, perhaps, as it’s a way I had always approached my paintings, but have recently forgotten. With few exceptions, no one really wants another oil por…

trait from me, what “they” really want is one of MY Paintings with themselves as the ten titles: please vote for your favorite.

10. Untitled
9. Alex and his feet.
8. formal study in greys and flesh tones.
7. MY PAINTING; not just a portrait.
6. Even in the rain; barefoot for six months
5. Recovering shoeaholic
4. “Are you look’n’ at my feet? Huh? are YOU look’n’ at my feet?”
3. ruminations between the “concept of foot” and flesh and spirit, an artist’s preoccupations.
2. Ten years up to the neck and still walking on water.
1. Love Mohammed, fear God, but calm thyself first. Words of wisdom to everyone.

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