DLR project seeking sponsorship

You can sponsor Paul’s latest, exciting work on London’s Docklands Light Railway here.

Excerpts from the project description:

For my entry in this year’s BP Portrait Competition at the National Portrait Gallery, I’m painting 13 sitters on the DLR train in a dynamic 65×240 cm composition.  I also intend to produce a new animated video based on this unusual project.  To paint on the train, I’ve had to design and build special equipment to ensure public safety, tidiness, and portability. This was essential in allowing me to have everything I need at my finger tips without taking up more space than an average commuter. 

The DRL easel is supported by velcro straps which lash around my knees and ankles, giving me as much stability as one can hope for on a train, but the motion of the train is its most exciting aspect.  The swaying and accelerations give the brush marks an unpredictable character, and curious commuters  never ceased to be amazed that the work I’m doing can be accomplished under such circumstances.

Check out http://www.sponsume.com/project/dlr-live-oil-paint-and-video-rails for more info, or watch the video, here:

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