Why I love Paul Beel’s art: A letter from Guy

Why I love Paul Beel‘s art:
Because of what differentiates a craftsman from an artist.
A craftsman aspires to a level of technical excellence, meaning the end product reigns supreme. An artist aspires to always go further and explore new territories, meaning the process takes precedence.
Very rarely do the twain meet in one person, and someone who will master the one without sacrificing the other is even rarer.
Paul’s technical abilities as a painter would make the old masters sweat. Many painters I know would not only give their left nut (or boob) to be able to achieve this level of technical perfection, they would rest on their laurels if they even came close.
Not Paul. While never letting go of his extraordinary talent for detail and precision, he has always (since I’ve known him) pushed himself ever further by means of self expression. Ever moving from any comfort level he achieves to a place outside of his comfort zone. Ever struggling to keep that Tardis brain of his (it really IS bigger on the inside) interested and challenged.
And I admire that. Few are able to do THAT. I am not.

Look, none of the people reading this is rich. If you can, do what you can, buy one less (insert here) and give up a little for a true artist, because really? There are not many of them around.
Please feel free to share this post. Spread the word.

G out.



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