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wp-15200880467911365760828.jpgWorkshops and Exhibition  in Florence

Learn drawing and painting while adding your voice to the #metoo discussion.

Hi!  I’m very excited to announce that I will lead a series of workshops which will culminate in a show at Onart Gallery, Florence.  While I share techniques and ideas for making powerful paintings and drawings, we will produce works on the topic of #metoo.

Elon Musk (PAYPAL, TESLA ETC. )  said “I do these things because I don’t want to look at the future and feel sad.”  I have a vision of a future where our children can feel safer from rape and abuse, and I want to challenge other men to participate:  we are the ones who need to change.

Workshop 1:  Creating identity in a charcoal self portrait

Saturday- Sunday may 12
Drawing a self portrait and your metoo identity.

Workshop 2: Self Portrait in oil

Saturday-Sunday may 19
Oil painting…Reduced palette for flesh, and metoo identity.

Workshop 3: the Questions Workshop

Saturday-Sunday may 26
The Questions Workshop…open medium…with the goal of focusing your intentions and emotions to make your most effective work on this theme.

Exhibition in Florence

Friday, June 1
Inaugurazione “#Metoo Notme#”

Free online support and forum

Join the #metoo painting workshop FB group to ask questions to Paul, exchange ideas, experiences, and drawings in the weeks prior to the events.  Paul will be posting lead-up challenges, video demonstrations, and guiding discussions.  On April 1, the group will be closed to the public and for members only.

Cost- 250 euro per workshop*

* pay before April 1 and recieve a 50 euro discount.

Included in price:

-Participation in 1 workshop, basic art materials,

-Pre-tutoring with the online Facebook forum,

-Participation in the “#Metoo notMe# Exhibition” at Onart Gallery.


Payments may be made via paypal to: –


Or directly at Onart Gallery:  Via della Pergola, 57-61r, Firenze

Or via postpay:


Workshops are limitted to 10 participants to ensure maximum attention to each participant.


For more info contact me at or through the  fb group:  #Metoo painting workshop.