How does it work?

It’s easy! You click book a sitting here to resrrve your one-hour time slot. Please add your shipping address, phone, email, and your Messenger or Skype contact.

Portraits come only in 15×15 cm, and cost 70 € per person plus 5 euro shipping in Italy and 20 € for international shipping.

You may pay by paypal ( or a with bank transfer.


You will need a fixed camera, please don’t attempt hand-held. You can also prepare by experimenting with different lights in your house. A good light should come from an angle, not just frontally, which flattens how we read form. AND PLEASE STAY CLOSE TO YOUR WIFI!

Then, I will call you on messenger (I can also do Skype, WhatsApp, or Instagram calls) and I will ask you to look at one spot and concentrate on maintaining the some position…from there we can talk or work in silence and forty five minutes later your portrait will be finished.

I will ship as soon as possible, and ask for patience during quarantine.


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