8 pm to midnight on the DLR.

I rode the Bank line today just for a change (not that its much of a change, I’m so focused on the interior of the train I don’t even notice the night flashing by, nor which stop I am at) Tonight was speckles of black and tan on blue floor, which change color gradually from left to right and as they recede. Very few of the usual questions tonight, only two people asked how long I’ve been working on this (which would be more impressive, if I said five years, or twenty minutes?), and no one asked me how much it costs. One woman did, however, ask me if I had a site in case she wants to comission something. This is a much better approach. Its tactful and doesn’t bring money to the fore, and I’m not forced to give a price in public that may start someone thinking about how much they can flog it should they decide to snatch and bail at the next station. Of course, it’s strapped to me, so they’d have to take me home too!But the site approach is right on. It makes me think she’s not someone that wants Rembrandt quality at Kmart prices, and leaves her the discretion to peruse my work and prices in private.

I talked to another guy for a few minutes. He asked for my card and if he could take a photo. For photos, the answer is always the same, sure, if you tweet it. 🙂