Elephant In The Studio


“Elephant In The Studio” is a podcast hosted by artist Paul Beel from his studio in Florence, Italy.
Paul paints guests via live video chat while engaging in animated conversations and often sipping a glass of wine on the side.

This podcast has been inspired by the post-Corona outbreak society.

As lockdown had us limited to indoor pastimes, we needed to find new ways to connect and entertain, and immediately the demand for Paul’s live-chat paintings surged. He realised that people might like a closer insight into the life and work of an artist under quarantine, and thus began Elephant in the Studio.

Episode #1
Dutchess the Clown

Episode #2
David Eichenberg

Episode #3
Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Episode #4
Valentina Wonder

Episode # 5
Angelica in the City

Episode #6
Rebecca MacLachlan

Paul’s personal art-dedicated Instagram: @paulbeelart.

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